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How Space Can Become an Advantage

We are facing talent shortages as the workforce ages and growth rates decline. In the United States alone, the labor force is expected to grow only 0.7 percent between 2010 and 2020*. This talent shortage will challenge organizations to find and keep the best people. In addition to the growing workforce, we are also faced with the challenge of keeping four generations satisfied in their workspace. Each generation having a different idea of what is needed in an office environment. They will need to engage employees with workplaces that support their wants and needs. Creating vibrant spaces is one tactic to recruit and retain talent. Providing flexibility and choices for where, when and how work happens is also critical for attracting the best and brightest people.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics


1. Vibrant

Reflect your brand and culture throughout your space.

2. Flexible

Touchdown spaces enhance productivity for mobile workers and maximize space.


3. Choice

Offering a choice of where and how to work can boost engagement and job satisfaction.